Facial Reconstruction

The disfigurement resulting from facial trauma, birth defects or surgery for facial cancers can be devastating. Abnormally positioned eyes, a crooked smile, cheek asymmetry or facial scarring can make an individual self conscious and hesitant to interact socially or professionally.

Fortunately, many techniques are available to correct most of these acquired or congenital deformities. These techniques replace lost tissue with bone, cartilage, or biomaterials, and can help camouflage scars, reposition facial soft tissue and bony structures, and re-establish facial harmony.

Whether the deformity results from a dog bite or facial laceration, fractures sustained in a motor vehicle accident or athletic event, or defects created from removal of a skin cancer or facial bone tumor, Dr. Der Sarkissian can apply his expertise to each of these situations.

Having performed reconstructive procedures on hundreds of individuals at the Boston Medical Center and at Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle and as far as Vietnam, Armenia, Ukraine and El Salvador, he has amassed a vast experience in all aspects of facial reconstruction. During your consultation, he can discuss all of the traditional as well as innovative techniques available for your particular situation.