Trust your face to a Specialist boston facial plastic surgery

Welcome to Boston Facial Plastic Surgery. Our objective is to provide you with a very comfortable, reassuring, and stress free experience as you consider elective or required surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Der Sarkissian has extensive experience in all facets of facial enhancement. From basic skin care to extensive “aesthetic” makeovers, he has the expertise to properly determine areas that would be improved with treatment, discuss all available options, and deliver expert results.

With a background in art, Dr. Der Sarkissian has a keen aesthetic eye for beauty. He applies this aesthetic sense to all patients, whether planning a complex nose reconstruction, or providing a natural and more youthful contour to an individual’s neckline. Knowledge of facial proportions and aesthetics helps Dr. Der Sarkissian identify facial components that may be out of harmony and address them accordingly. Combining an artistic sense with sound surgical and non-surgical techniques yields natural and aesthetically pleasing results.

His extensive knowledge of facial anatomy coupled with experience in plastic surgery, dermatology, and craniofacial surgery enables Dr. Der Sarkissian to treat the “entire face” from the overlying skin, to the fat and muscles beneath the skin, to the supporting bony facial structures. He is thus able to suggest treatments as simple as improving skin surface wrinkles and folds, to techniques that tighten underlying muscles, to procedures that alter the contour of the chin or cheek bones. This extensive analysis of all components of the face and experience with all the available surgical and non-surgical techniques allows Dr. Der Sarkissian to discuss the treatment that will address your facial concerns most effectively.

Dr. Der Sarkissian has become known by his patients and by the medical community as a caring and compassionate physician who “does the right thing”. He will give you a candid opinion even if you are better served with no treatment at all. He frequently is consulted to correct “overdone” facial plastic surgical results or poorly performed surgical procedures. He regularly donates his time to working with victims of domestic violence or other individuals with traumatic injuries. He has traveled as far as Vietnam, El Salvador, Armenia, Ecuador and Ukraine to correct congenital and acquired facial defects in children and adults.

We invite you to contact us and come in for a consult. We are certain that upon meeting Dr. Der Sarkissian, you will feel comfortable, confident, and well informed as you consider facial aesthetic enhancement or reconstruction.


Success is simple…Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.
— Arnold H. Glasow