Dr. D. Thank you for my new eyelids!! I love the results. I’ve seen a lot of surgery on the face and I (along with my friends) agree you are the best! Thank you, thank you.— SC
Dr. D I just want to express my sincerest appreciation for the “more than” fantastic job you did on my face. When I realize what it was before and how it came out, to me it was absolutely incredible. You have an amazing talent and kindness that helps so many people. Thank you for everything. —EK
Dr. D. It is amazing how you got my face back to how it was before. Everyone agrees I look great. Most importantly, thanks for caring about me and all your patients. Your sense of humanity is unreal! —JG
Dr D. Thank you for doing such a great job-it all has been truly appreciated. You not only made me very happy but my husband will be looking down and smiling too! Also thank you for your kindness during this awful year-it all holds a special place in my heart. You are truly an artist. Thanks again for everything. P.S. your staff is great. I know you appreciate them for all they do. Peace. —LKP
Dr. D All I can say is thank you! After you saved my life and “put me back together” I actually looked forward to my follow up visits with you! Even though my recovery after the accident had been long and sometimes painful, both physically and emotionally, I felt lucky to be under your wonderful care. You always took the time to make me feel important. I remember when you came into the ICU and I couldn’t see you but I heard your voice saying “don’t worry, I will fix your face and it will all heal just fine”. From that moment, I knew I would be OK. I remember sitting in your waiting room and you should know….everyone always had such wonderful things to say about you, your talents and your kindness. The work you did on my face is truly impressive. When people see me now and I explain the extent of my injuries, they can hardly believe it. I always tell them I had the Best Plastic Surgeon in the country. You not only saved my life but you enriched it through our interactions. I am so impressed by your personality and how much you care about your patients. You make the world a better place. We could sure use a few more doctors like you. I am blessed to have had you as my doctor. —LP
Dr D. It has been almost four years since my surgery and every day, Maria and I are thankful for your efforts. I am writing to let you know how appreciative we are that you were my doctor and for the skillful work you have done. Thank you once again and God Bless Your hands. —IB
Dr D. I have been waiting to write to you but now that I am fully healed I thought it was time. I praise God for putting me in your hands. I want to thank you for all the work you have done in your life to bring you to where you are today. I feel I have benefited from all your hard work….on top of that you’re a nice guy! You are truly an elite individual. I feel really blessed and thank you for your talents. — JM
Dr D. Thank you for taking care of us in such an expert manner. Although the kindness and compassion of your manner (and technical acuity) precede you, we were amazed at the level of care you provided. We cannot thank you enough. —MD & DD
Dr. D As a personal injury lawyer I have to say I was overwhelmed by the profound care, concern and competence you provided for my client with regard to his facial dog bite injuries. After seeing the initial photographs, I cannot believe what an outstanding result you produced for this patient. It is apparent to me that your skills as a surgeon are superb, matched only by your interest and concern for the well being of the patient. I look forward to referring other patients to you in the future. Thank you. —MB, Esq
Dr D. Thanks for doing such a great job on my nose. It looks great and feels great. You are the best! Thanks again. —EH
Dr D. Just a little note to show my appreciation for your time, sincerity, skill and kindness. Your work has given me something that years of intellectual practice could not-freedom to “just be” without being self-conscious about my appearance. Everyone agrees I look GREAT. Once again, thanks. —JR
Dr. Der Sarkissian. I love the new look! I feel great! I don’t look tired anymore. My eyes look unbelievable!! Thanks again. —JS
Dr D. All I can say is….I smile everytime I look in the mirror thanks to you. —LP
Dear Dr D. Indeed I seemed to have healed well after my surgery and I send to you my heartfelt thanks for your superb care. Kate and David were here this weekand had a good chance to pass judgement: HIGH MARKS! They both agree I look amazing. I am privileged to have had you as my surgeon. Warmest regards. —LD
Dear Dr. Der Sarkissian. Thank you for the extraordinary care you have given my dad and me over the past 4 years. As stressful and fearful we were at the outcome of each medical event, we always were thankful you were in charge of providing care. You have always been just a phone call or email away to provide care, support, advice or words of encouragement. You are an extremely compassionate man who takes the time to develop a relationship with your patients and family: to develop a trust that endures the worst of situations. We are so thankful to know you and we wish you a lifetime of happiness. —JM
Dr. D. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know my Botox results look amazing! Although I had never met you, as soon as I walked in the office I felt very comfortable. Once I met you I knew I was in expert hands. The way you explained how Botox works, the anatomy and what to expect I was blown away. I have had Botox elsewhere before and I felt like a pin cushion. The doctor would come in, poke me several times and hand me a sheet to pay at the front desk. It’s so much nicer knowing what is being done, the rationale for the technique and being treated with such kindness. Can’t wait to come back in 4 months! Lol. —MM
Dear Dr D. My forehead hasn’t looked this worry free since I was a child!! Thanks for your expertise. I am so please with the results. It was wonderful meeting you and I look forward to seeing you in the near future. —Best regards, MP

“I prefer to have my reward in the gratitude of my patients.” – James Young