Skin Cancer Treatment

As our population continues to age and with the extensive sun exposure over the past several decades, the incidence of skin cancer is rising at an alarming rate. As the face is most exposed to the effects of the sun, facial skin cancers are becoming increasingly common. Unlike skin cancers elsewhere on the body, where removal and reconstruction leaves scars that are easily hidden by clothes, facial skin cancers can leave very visible and disfiguring scars. It is, therefore, important to have your skin checked regularly to assure early diagnosis and to have the areas properly treated.

Dr. Der Sarkissian is very well trained to deal with all types of skin lesions. benign-appearing lesions can be watched closely for change or can be removed using very simple techniques that minimize chances for scarring. More suspicious lesions can be biopsied and sent for evaluation. Should there be any suspicion of a skin cancer, Dr. Der Sarkissian works closely with several very highly regarded dermatologic surgeons who use microscopic techniques to remove the cancer and return the patient to Dr. Der Sarkissian for aesthetic treatment of the resultant defect. In this fashion, the lesion is removed completely by a skin surgeon who is expertly trained in skin cancer treatment and the repair is performed by Dr. Der Sarkissian who is expertly trained in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face.

Following reconstruction, Dr. Der Sarkissian will follow your progress until the wounds are completely healed. During this time, he may make recommendations to help your wound heal as quickly and as invisibly as possible. Once fully healed, Dr. Der Sarkissian can also recommend a number of scar improvement techniques to make your incisions even less visible.