Skin aging is inevitable. As years go by, the skin of the face and neck begins to loosen; wrinkles appear around the eyes and mouth, and folds appear between the nose and corner of the mouth. Along the jaw line, jowls may become visible and in the neck, excess skin and fat may result in laxity in the neck. Heredity, sun exposure, and personal habits all contribute to these facial changes.facelift

Facelift surgery is aimed at “reversing” some of these undesirable changes. It variably improves wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes, helps to make the folds around the nose and lips less deep and tightens the skin over the jaw and under the chin to reduce jowls and create tighter neck skin.

Facelifts vary in their extent and in the techniques used. “Mini lifts” as the name implies, are used for minimal aging skin changes. As such, they can be performed using minimal anesthesia and the recovery time is quite short, generally within 3-7 days.

Neck lifts can be performed to tighten isolated jowls along the jawline and “bands” often seen in aging neck skin. These limited procedures are similar in extent and recovery time to the “Mini lift”.

Full facelifts can address aging changes in the forehead, midface, jawline, and neck, and will generally require a 7-14 day recovery period based on the extent of surgery.

Careful analysis and application of appropriate techniques will help yield the optimal results while minimizing the “down time” required for healing.